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Northern Region Progressive Candidates

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Elizabeth Betancourt - Special election - State Assembly District 1

Elizabeth is running for an open seat in a Special election. Her primary is August 27, 2019, and the general election is November 5, 2019.


Audrey Denney - Congressional district 1

Audrey is running for Congress in running in one of the most conservative districts in the state against incumbent Doug LaMalfa. She is running a progressive campaign and not taking corporate donations.


Sean Frame - Congressional District 4 (Campaign currently suspended)

Sean is running against Republican Tom McClintock in Congressional District 1.


Sue Hilderbrand - Butte county board of supervisors - District 4

Sue is running for an open Board of Supervisors seat in Butte county. While the position is non-partisan, if she is successful, Sue will tip the balance to registered Democrats.


Katie Valenzuela - Sacramento City Council District 4

Katie is running to push for protections for renters and home owners, help the development and growth of small businesses, get local emissions to zero by 2030, and to strengthen our community engagement standards.


Maureen Craft - Elk Grove City Council - District 3


Northern Region Progressive Clubs and Organizations

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