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"David is a solutions-oriented leader who takes action. He doesn’t sit on the sidelines and wait for others to make change, he works hard to make change himself. David’s heart for the people is inspiring. I’m proud to endorse David Hildebrand for Vice Chair of the progressive caucus."

Audrey Denney - Congressional Candidate - District 1

Amar Shergill.png

Amar Shergill - California Democratic Party, Executive Board Member, AD 9

Anna Molander.jpg

Anna Molander - AD 7 Delegate and Executive Board Member, Former Candidate for Trustee Area 1 - member of the Sacramento City Unified Board of Education

Mark Van Landuyt.jpg

Mark Van Landuyt - Outgoing Northern Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus - California Democratic Party


“I endorse David Hildebrand for Progressive Caucus Northern California Vice Chair. I have had the opportunity to watch David work on multiple campaigns and causes over the course of the past three years. What I have seen from David has been consistency in both his political values and his treatment of others. I’ve seen a deep commitment to the real on the ground work that the Northern Vice Chair position so desperately requires. I’ve seen him effectively network statewide. I’ve seen him handle difficult and complex political situations with a calm and methodical approach that is frankly lacking within the party itself. He is the perfect person to hold this role and I look forward to him representing me and Northern California Progressives.”

Natalie Higley - Assembly District 4 Delegate, Bernie Delegate - DNC, NorCal Progressive ACtivist

Zach Denney.png

“David is the grassroots leader we need in the Northern Region of the Caucus. He has traveled extensively through the region as a candidate and as an organizer, and is committed to building progressive power from the local level on up. I am honored to give him my support!”

Zach Denney - Central Vice Chair - CDP Progressive Caucus (2017-2019) and At-Large Officer-Elect - CDP Progressive Caucus; Steering Committee Member, California Progressive Alliance

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“David spent over a year of his life campaigning, not just to win an election but more importantly, to speak before unique audiences throughout California about progressive issues, platforms, and goals. David is knowledgeable, committed, and ethical. He'll be a fabulous addition to our team bringing to it experience, enthusiasm, and considering his contacts as a former candidate, one might imagine a number of new members to our caucus. I am pleased to endorse David Hildebrand for Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus.”

Octavia Tuohey - 73rd AD, California at Assembly District Delegate (Elected), Core Group Member - Our Revolution So Cal OC

Jackie Smith.jpg

Jackie Smith - Former Candidate for State Assembly District 6

Zack Freels.jpg

“I appreciate that David walks the walk by actually walking picket lines. If we are serious about a progressive agenda then we need folks who will follow through with action to support working families.”

Zach Freels - Lead Organizer at AFSCME Local 3299

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Orlando Fuentes.jpg

“David Hildebrand has demonstrated that he has the right progressive values to lead the Progressive Caucus as VP and thereby lead CDP to uphold our progressive positions.”

Orlando Fuentes - California Democratic Party Delegate

Andres Ramos.jpg

Andres Ramos - California Democratic Party Delegate; California Democratic Party Executive Board Member


“David has consistently been at the forefront fighting for progressive causes. Whenever I attend a progressive gathering, whether it’s a huge event hours away, or a small event locally, he’s always there, leading on progressive issues. David Hildebrand has my enthusiastic and full endorsement for Northern Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus.”

Patrick Cote - Author, Political Commentator, and Progressive Comedian.

Roza Calderon.jpg

“David is a fighter for the people and gives his all to the community. I am proud to endorse him for Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus. He will be a great addition to get the state party on a winning path.”

Roza Calderon - Former Congressional Candidate - District 4

Brandon Harami.jpg

“David has shown a commitment to hard work for our movement and will be an excellent Vice Chair of the Progressive Caucus.”

Brandon Harami - Endorsement Coordinator San Francisco Berniecrats

Sonia Aery.jpg

Sonia Aery - Former State Assembly Candidate - District 3

Stephen Jaffe.jpg

Stephen Jaffe - Employment Lawyer, Former Congressional Candidate - District 12

Aaron Haar.jpg

“I’m endorsing David because he has clear understanding of issues. He brings the experience of fighting locally for change in community’s and has worked with professionalism and integrity to help democrats in districts outside of his own.“

Aaron Haar - Assembly District 3 Delegate

Juan JP Vasquez.jpg

Juan JP Vazquez - AD21 Delegate, SCDCC District 5 Alternate, VP Latino Democrats of Stanislaus County, Co-chair & Founder of Our Revolution CA10

Chris Lopez.jpeg

“I’ve seen David Hildebrand in political action. We first met when he was running for US Senate. He came to Rio Hondo College to campaign; he was very detailed as regards to policy and very funny as well. I believe he’d make a great Vice Chair in the Progressive caucus.”

Christopher Lopez - Former Vice President of Rio Hondo Pre-Law Society


Additional Endorsements:

Dennessa Atiles - Elected Delegate to the CA Democratic Party District 9, President of Wellstone Progressive Democrats, Activist

Alex Galeana - Previous Political Director for Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento County

Justin “J.D” Garcia - CAPS Director, Sacramento

Terry Dean Brooks (Crescent City) - “DAvid is a strong progressive leader fighting for rural communities, healthcare for all, college for all and Northern Californians.”

Jim Wall


Organizational Endorsements: