winning the north state


David Hildebrand is a Progressive Activist, Legislative Analyst, and Sierra Nevada Backpacker currently living in Sacramento.

He is no stranger to Northern California, as he campaigned in many Northern California counties, and assisted other candidates, including Audrey Denney for Congress during her 2018 campaign.

Once again, Northern California is calling. We have seen many Progressive Democrats run strong campaigns where many have given up, calling the Districts “too red” to even try.

This is the attitude of a losing team. We, as Democrats cannot retreat, we control the majority of the state after seeing some amazing campaigns in 2018. It is time to work harder, and push farther than we have in the past.

There is no district “too red” to compete for, because all California residents deserve representation.

Progressive values appeal to more than just Democrats.

It is time to spread the message beyond the party, and to continue to build the party platform as an inclusive platform that invites working class Californians to join us.

Together, we can win Northern California for the People. Let’s start today!

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Top issues:

  • Medicare for All

  • College for All

  • Jobs for All

  • Justice for All

  • Representation for All

David’s platform:

Actively representing Northern California on the Progressive Caucus.

Empowering Northern California residents to organize and win elections.

Building up a base of local candidates through outreach, education, and promotion.

Pushing those candidate to higher office, through increased name recognition, and broader support.

Turning Northern California into a solidly Progressive stronghold, where Centrist Democrats have failed to make inroads.